Taking out the Bomb Shop

This is a solo game of DVG’s WARFIGHTER. All cards from the Action, Hostiles, Location, and Mission Decks are written in bold letters.

SITREP: Chechnya, North Caucasus, January 2010: After a series of torrorist bombings in and near the city of Nazran, Ingushetia, HQ has identified a Bomb Shop in a small village in the mountain range some 50 kilometers southwest. A team from 45th Guards Spetznaz Brigade has infiltraded for a Short and Sweet mission to destroy the objective. 

The Counter-Insurgency Mission

Location 1: A Short and Sweet Infiltration

The 2 men Spetznaz Team consisting of Leytenánt Shevliacov and Serzhánt Bogomolov infiltrates by helicopter transport and sets off to fulfill its mission. 

Location 2: The Stronghold

Turns 1-4: The team encouters a stronghold full of insurgents. While Bogomolov  suppresses a group of insurgence with machine gun fire, Shevliacov performs a Flanking Attack combined with a Snap Shot and takes out several insurgents including a machine gunner at close range. As more insurgent gunmen arrive on the scene,  Shevliacov stays Cautious evading the new threat. After a lengthy firefight using Combined Fire and Steady Aim the team eventually takes out all hostiles. Finally Refugees arrives on the scene, and its about time to move on to the objective.

Location 3: The Bomb Shop

Turns 5-6: The firefight has obviously alarmed the insurgent forces in the vicinity of the objective. Only due to the experience gained Shevliacov and Bogomolov evade an IED Explosion and a  Stalker attack. With Whiskey Tango Foxtrott [+1 Action] on his mind Shevliacov  summons all his energy and enters the objective location. He takes out several Militants, but has to Take Cover as even more arrive.  With time running short Bogomolov  again uses his PKM Machine Gun to good effect and dispaches the remaining Militants. Shevliacov then readies and aims his RPG-18. Its rocket hits the Bomb Shop completely destroying it. 

Mission Debriefing

Some 15 hostiles were killed or driven off, the target was fully destroyed, all well within the time limit, and with zero own casualties. Thus the infiltration team did an outstanding job: Mission accomplished! The Speznaz earns 3 Victory Points

Game Play

I did several attepts on this mission. The main issue is that you need a fail proof method of destroying the target. Using hand granades is too uncertain to actually daestroy the target structure with its »Defeat Cover 5« protection.  Additionally, playing action cards I found to be more important than issuing protective vests. In the game I came to cancel all enemy fire which is far better than to depend on body armour.

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