Old Wargaming Magazines

Since the Corona SARS-CoV-2 induced lockdown I had it on my mind to go through my old stuff boxed away in the cellar and in the garage. Several boxes with old books, old magazines, and old paints await a selection process – a veritable triage – of staying or beeing removed for good. Today is the first day that I have the spare time to take a look into these boxes.

In the past I was very eager to buy any wargames magazine I could lay my hand on. At wargaming conventions I went through the stands to see if there was any issue I missed. I even ordered the binders to keep my magazines sorted by volume.

My opinion on storage is that if you don’t need the stuff for a couple of years, it must be reviewed. As for the wargames magazines I have not looked inside even one of them for an extended period spanning a decade and two moves into new homes. Nowadays I rather search the internet for wargaming infos, and therefore magazines have fallen into disregard.

Thus, in a way this post is an obituary for the larger part of my wargames magazines collection. It has past away sort off, and now will finally see burial in a waste paper bin and possible reincarnation into some other paper based product.

I allways was facinated by the ideas for campaigns that are discussed in the magazines. Even more fascinated I was by the reports of wargames events played by groups of gamers. All this created a longing to go and play. The only drawback was, that it needs friends to play with if one does not want to fall back solely on solo wargaming. Nowadays I play mostly board games , as it is much more likely to find wargamers interested in this field of games in my area.


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