The Advent of Gaming

Today a long-held dream came true for me. A group of seven ASL enthusiasts gathered in a near-by town only one hour’s drive from my home. Our host Oliver invited us to his home where he has established a wargaming room in a rededicated old  barn. Here we played ASL all day, talked shop about other CoSims, and in general had a good time. 

from left to right: Moritz, Sven, Matthias, Thomas, Michael, and Oliver

I had a pleasant time playing  AP94 SHOW OF FORCE with the author present. Michael is always helpful answering any rules questions. As ASL has so many rules one near never uses this was helpful in interpreting and understanding more difficult ones. Although the scenario is only 5 ½ Turns length it took us the better part of the day to finish it. Matthias actually took over command in Turn 3 when Oliver was called off to take care for logistics. Taking over command is uncommon in ASL but quite normal in a real battle. Its a challange for both sides.

In the shelves I found the entire BAR collection,  several volumes of the Great Battles of the American Civil War, Antlanta is Ours and La Bataille de Lützen. All these games are waiting to be played. Many of them are suitable for team play. I am looking forward to joining up for such a future team event.

The persons shown have consented in publishing their picture online.



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