With fresh Naval Infantry Companies moving up from the landing site the Marine Brigade will now renew its attack towards GLEBOVKA. This brings us to TM-2 set in the afternoon of February 4 1943.

The Mission

Soviet 255th Marine Brigade is to clear the road along the Ozerekya Valley as far as the southern outskirts of GLEBOVKA as a prerequesite to the actual Assault of the town itself..

The Intent

255th Naval Brigade will attack with 4 Naval Infantry Companies abreast and take the assigned objectives with the main effort astride the road and take the secure the passage to the southern outskirts of GLOBOVKA.

Enemy Forces

The Romanians seem to have positioned elite infantry units with some artillery support. The enemy is fighting tenaciously from hastily built field fortifications. On the left flank a belt of anti-personell mines has proven a major obstacle to the advance.

  • Enemy:    Romanian SAN 4 | ELR 3 | RE# 3/4 | AC# 3 | Hold Attitude
  • Friendly: Russian      SAN 2 | ELR 4 | RE# 4/5 |

Turn 1:   As the Soviets advance they encounter stiff opposition from the few Romanian defenders. One notable action takes place in the 3rd Coy sector where a single Romanian engineer HS disrupts the advance of the entire Company.

SU CVP 1: [2-4-7] | RO CVP 3: [5-2-7, 2-2-7]

Turn 2:   The Naval SMG Infantry encounter stiff resistence by elite Romanian infantry and engineers. An accurate Romanian 75mm OBA adds to the difficulties of making progress with the renewed attack. Only by sheer wight of numbers the Soviets can overcome the heavily outnumbered defenders.

SU CVP 6: [8-1, 4-4-7, 2-4-7, 2-2-7, FT] | RO CVP 5: [2x 5-2-7, 2-4-8]

Turn 3:  Against tough opposition the Soviet advance makes little progress. The attack of the 2nd Naval SMG Company comes to a near halt as Romanian artillery breaks up the attack formation killing several men. Only in the centre and right progress is made due to the dwindling opposition. Suddenly Romanian fighter-bombers arrive on the scene. Two ME 109 attack the Soviet spotter plane involving it in a prolonged dog-fight.

SU CVP 7: [7-0, 5-3-7, 2x Crew] | RO CVP 6: [2x 5-2-7, 2-2-7, 2-4-8]

Turn 4:  The Soviet spotter plane is shot down, depriving the attacking ground troops any further artillery support. Two Romanian fighter-bombers swoop down on two of the Soviet tanks but miss their targets. At last the Soviet Naval infantrymen gain ground, gradually reducing pockets of resistance one by one with their superiority in numbers and the assistance of the supporting tanks.

SU CVP 5: [3x 2-2-7, Crew] | RO CVP 2: [2x 2-2-7]

Turn 5:  The 1st Naval SMG Company supportet by two tanks takes its objective, the two-storey house on the western vine-growing slope. Meanwhile the 3rd Naval SMG Company suffers heavy casualties in its attack on the Romanian Engineers. Dug in on the slopes of the eastern hills they fiercely engage in Close Combat  with DCs and Flamethrowers.

SU CVP 2: [2-4-7, 2-2-7] | RO CVP 2: [2x 2-2-7]

Consolidation Phase

Again the game ends after Turn 5 with both opposing forces settling for the night. The 255th Marine Brigade has accomplished all its objectives short of the 2nd Naval SMG Company’s one in the centre. Losses were quite heavy on both sides. On the left attacking wing 1st and 2nd Naval SMG Company have suffered 40% and 45% losses respectively need to be reinforced.

The Soviet Naval Infantry consolidates its gains. The Romanian Engineers pull back and redeploy on the crest of the eastern hillock.  Straglers and equipment lost are noted.

SU CVP 2: [81mm Mtr, 50mm Mtr] | RO CVP 1: [2-2-7]

Szenario Total CVP:

  • SU CVP 23: [8-1, 7-0, 2x 4-4-7, 2-4-7, 3x 5-3-7, 2-2-7, 3x Crew, 81mm Mtr]
  • RO CVP 19: [8x 5-2-7, 2-2-7, 4-5-8]

Junior Lieutenant Petrakov is promoted to Lieutenant to become a 9-2 Leader. Overnight both sides augment their forces in this area. Both the Soviets and the Axis each gain +25 TP to spend on fresh troops.

Campaign Tally

Szenario Total CVP:

  • SU CVP 31: [8-1, 7-0, 8x SQ, 3x Crew, 81mm Mtr, 2x aa gun]
  • RO CVP 29: [7-0, 11x SQ, HS, Stuart]
Campaign Interim Result

SU VP +5: [+2 CVP; +3 VP Locations]

4 thoughts on “OZEREKYA BREAKOUT TM-2

  1. Neil says:

    There appears to be an overwhelming amount of suspect counters?? Are you using SASL rules? Or your own rules?


  2. Anonymous says:

    There appears to be an overwhelming amount of suspect counters?? Are you using SASL rules? Or your own rules?


  3. Hi Neil! Well, I have adapted the SASL rules as to make them more playable for me, i.e. each defending platoon or company is given an area of responsability. When enemy pops up its from the unit specified to be in that area. I sometimes build stacks from the units, say one SQ, Ldr, SW, 5x SQ all with a foxhole. These I place off board and then roll D6 to see which stack is encoundered. For me it works.

  4. Neil says:

    Sounds like you are having fun anyway. At the end of the scenario it’s what works for you anyway. Watch out for that sneaky opponent of yours 😬😅

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