Another rainy day in the Hurtgen Forest

Living at Aachen I have ready access to some of the most famous battle grounds of WW2. One is the Hürtgen Forest only 45 minutes from here by car. Thus BFP’s publication  OBJECTIVE: SCHMIDT is a must for the ASL gamer in me. Here I will start off with a solo-play of the first scenario, a small all infantry scenario that will introduce me to the SSR and the terrain.



G.I.s of Coy L / 112th Inf Rgt attack demorilised Russian volunteers of Gren Rgt 1055. Its interesting to play a scenario where all units have morale of 6 and low ELR. I just recently read the excellent article on how to use conscripts in ASL in the VFTT#6 issue. This article I  heartily recommend to all that play with or against conscripts.


The Americans win at game end, if there are < 2 Good Order German Squad Equivalents, provided they do not lose ≥ 8 CVP which results in an immediate German victory.

The US have the advantage in fire power. Also, should US MMC break four leaders will ensure that units rejoin the fighting asap. The Germans have good TEM and can largely pull back when the Americans get to near. Lets see how that works.


Turn 1: It starts with a WCDR of 10 ⇒ so we are in for another rainy day at the Hürgen Forest due to the all over weather conditions and SSR . The Americans advance on a broad front with some HS as point men. One HS gets shot up and is the first casualty on the list. This reminds me of the CVP threshold of ≥ 8. The Germans mainly pull back. Nonetheless some German HS get shot up and disrupt.

Turn 2 to 4: The Americans press forward aggressively and establish a firm base in the NE part of the town. In total they loose 5 HS. The German force is reduced to 5 SQ Equivalents and 2 Leaders.  All but one MGs are malfunctioning or lost significantly reducing the German fire power. the Germans generate a battle hardened hero 8-0 leader. What an illustrious personality for this conscript outfit. American CVP: 11 (8-1 Ldr, 4 SQ, 1 HS) German CVP: 5 (5 HS)

Turn 5 and 6: With dusk setting in the Americans advance even more aggressively trying to get into good firing positions. They also try to lock the lax conscrips in melees at favorable odds thus denying them of the good order status. German Sniper fire kills the American 8-0 Leader and breaks the Squad that is with him. Tough luck, man! This brings the American casualties to 7 CVP! At last the Germans bearly hold on to the centre of SCHMIDT. American CVP: 15 (8-1 Ldr, 6 SQ, 1 HS) German CVP: 7 (8-0 Ldr, 6 HS)


The Americans have taken the major part of the town as was their mission. The cost was high with an officer casualty and 3 squads lost. This amounts to 25% of their force. The Germans have lost much higher as could be expected due to the huge difference in fighting capacity. In total their casualties at the of the game amount to one NCO and 6.5 squads or 68% of their force. Nevertheless, as they still have 2 Good Order Squad Equivalents remaining victory goes to the Germans.  In the real event with all those casualties this could never have felt like a victory.


I really like playing over realistic terrain. This to me is the one big advantage of HASL campaigns or scenarios on HASL terrain. This littel scenario was quite fun to play solo. I cannot say, if its much fun for the German side in a face to face game. To it did the work to introduce me to the SSR, the terrain, and the entire tactical situation. I liked it a lot.


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