Tunisia II – Race for Tunis 2

The scenario continues with both sides building up forces and supplies in Tunisia. American, French and German divisions enter the scene. Combat operations now take place some mere  70  kms from Bizerte and Tunis respectively.

Turn 4:  26 November 1942 sees a consolidation of positions in Tunisia. The Allies rush forward more forces, mainly American 1st Armored Division and French Forces released from Algires. The supply situation is difficult for both bellingerents preventing extendet combat operations. Additionally, bad weather prevents flight operations. This especially hurts the Germans as it prevents them air-transporting supplies from Sicily to Afrika. Nontheless, the Italians and the Germans see a chance to give the green American units a bloody nose. The Italian Superga Division attacks 1st Armored but makes little impression on the American armour. Both divisions fight to a stand off. The veteran German armour in contrast attacks skillfully and dispaches an American light tank battalion.


Turn 5: 29 November 1942 the british attack across the Oued (river) Safsaf thereby cutting the road between Djebel Abiot and the Beja. An attack by the American 1st Armored Division is stoppedin its tracks by a massive artillery strike by the Italian Superga Division. The first elements of the German 10. Panzer-Division enter the fray and dispach an American combat group. Only lack of supplies prevents a German major breakthrough.

To be continued …


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