Tunisia II – Race for Tunis


In the last months I have aquired quite a few new wargames that I am now eager to get out of the box an try them. Some I play via VASSAL which makes for hours of good games. Others I go for solo mainly to understand the rules or to take notes for an solo AAR. Today I have my first game of Tunisia II from the Operational Combat Series starting with the “Race for Tunis” Scenario.

Turn 1: On 15 November 1942 the Allies start into the campaign for Tunisia well supplied, all with extra replacements and new aircraft. Allied air sweeps are quite successful in suppressing and reducing the Axis air defense. Only the air raids on Bizerte fail to do any damage. With few Units on the ground the British send elements of 6th Armored Division dashing across Tunisia to gain Madjez El Bad, one of the objectives. German response is slow with few units and little supply available. In contrast the Italians send the Superga Division with freshly arrived Units against the British 6th Division. This first attack is repulsed though.


Turn 2: The Axis win the initiative for 19 November 1942 and decide to go first. The Italian Superga Division renews its attack and with heavy losses just manages to force British 6th Armoured Division to retreat. The Germans transport supply and new units from Sicily to Tunisia by air and sea to build up forces to defend Bizerte and Tunis. The Allies too send in more forces and supplies, notably the lead elements of US 1st Armored Division. Also they pull back British 6th Division to a more tenable Position near Teboursouk. the port of Bizerte is damaged by a British air-raid.


Turn 3: On 22 November 1942 the weather deteriorates and prohibits any air sorties. The Axis retain the initiative and despite a noticable scarcety of supplies send in the German Panzer Abteilung 190 with some infantry to finish off an unsupplied French mechanized regiment near Medjez El Bab. The French sustain their first major combat losses. In contrast the logistical situation for the Allies has been splendid fromthe start of this campaign. They have been receiveing a steady stream of fresh men and equipment each turn. Only the limited shipping and rail imposed some limitations in the build up of supplies. While the British consolidate their positions at Teboursouk the US 2nd Armored Division races up the Highway towards Souk El Arba.


To be continued …







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