Unboxing Objective: Schmidt

Latest arrival in my ASL arsenal is Objective: Schmidt published by Bounding Fire. After the parcel passed customs clearence I finally hold the package in my hands. So what does it contain? This blog post will try to provide you with an answer. Myself I am very interested to learn about the scenarios and the maps. I live a mere 40 km from the small towns of Schmidt, Kommerscheid and Vossenack and I am keen to find out more about the fighting that took place in November 1944 during the Battle of the Hürtgen Forest. Those of you who are historically interested will find many eye-witness accounts on the fighting that took place in this westernmost region of Germany. Link to veteran stories and pictures now and then.

With the package we get 17 scenarios, no less than 6 large historical maps, two full sheets of 1/2 inch counters and a half sheet of 5/8 inch counters, and special rules for the campaign game and teh maps. The area is mostly broken terrain and can be very rough indeed at places as anyone will know who had the opportunity to hike in the North Eifel. The players will have to deal with elevations from -7 to 6 in ALS terms. Its probabely a good idea to have a calculator and some chequered paper at hand.

The scenarios play from 2 November to 7 November 1944. Scenarios OS-1 to OS-5 play in Schmidt and scenarios OS-6 to OS-10 in Kommerscheid. All involve the US 28th Infantry Division mostly versus the German  89. Infanterie-Division. Scenarios OS-11 to OS-17 all play in Vossenack. Here besides the military organisations already mentioned 1171st Engineer Group and 707th Tank Battalion enter the stage fighting for the Americans, as well as 116. Panzer-Division and 275. Infanterie-Division for the Germans.

All but three scenarios have OBA of various calibre, many have foxholes and/or mines. Scenario OS-15 NIGHTLIFE IS FOR THE JUNGE is a night scenario, OS-10 GREYHOUNDS! involves 19 German versus 10 US tanks! OS-17 THE WORST PLACE OF ANY is sort of a mega-scenario with no less than 25 (sic!) turns and player-selected reinforcements. I am looking forward to play  one or the other of these scenarios.

Military Cemetery Henri Chapelle

German military cemetery Hürtgen

Memorial American war grave – Hürtgen Forest

Memorial at Hürtgen

One should not forget that this was not a game in 1944. Our region is home to many a military cemetery, Allied and German, where former enemies rest in peace. We all should be thankful that we have experienced peaceful times mostly since the Second World War at least in our region.





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