Sicily II

One of the most immersive wargames series I have come accross is the Operational Combat Series (OCS) by MMP. As a former logistics branch officer I rather like the restraints placed on the armchair general by logistical needs and supply restrictions. I have spent houres understanding the rules and learning how to use them. Beyond the Rhine was the OCS game that I used on VASSAL to practice the rules as I find the campaign game quite challenging. Unfortunaltely I cannot lay out the campaign game so wanted to go for a smaller campaign.

Thus here we come to Sicily II the OCS game on the Allied invasion of Sicily aka Operation Husky. The game comes in a magazine full with articles and play aids regarding OCS. This makes for an excellent read and helps getting deeper into the games system. My compliments to all who wrote these enlightning articles and compiled the magazine.

It took some time to prepare the game, but that is good exercise for the hand muscles, so I didn’t mind to much. Two sheet of counters supply the generals with American, British, German, and Italian land and air forces. For the Allies you also get ships and landing crafts, all with the necessary rules to bring then onto the board.

The following contemporary newsreal from July 1943 gives you the official Allied picture of the campaign.

When you read about this second large Allied invasion you will instead find stories of rivalry between Allied generals, poor coordination between the naval and air forces, and a airlanding that went wrong. The airdrop was a partial desaster due to high winds. Also the Allied ship’s anti-aircraft fire accounted for many of the parachuter casualties in grave friendly fire incidents.

Poised with historical information I now will dive into this gaming experience. More to come…


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