Holland ’44

Wargamers seem to be fascinated by military operations that didn’t go the way their planners had anticipated. Indeed, when it comes to flawed military offensives the most illustrious operations of Wolrd War II that come to mind are the Allied Market – Garden Operation and the German 1944 Offensive in the Ardennes. Both are highly unlikely to acheive their objectives jet enthusiastic wargamers just cannot resist to try again and again. Also the operation is well covered by books and movies, thus offering lots of background information.

The game comes with two excellent maps covering the region of Geldern from the Belgian border to north of the Lower Rhine. The manouver elements are division sized units with their regiments, brigades and batallions. The counters are nicely printed, colorful and easy to read. I did a few runs through the early stages of the game as to get familiar with the rules. I find them exstremely elegant and the game flows in a good pace. The airlanding in the first turn creates a slightly different starting situation for each game. So I rate replayability factor as fairly high.

Now Daniel and I have started the campaign game in earnest. He took overall command of all the German forces, and I get to command the 2nd British Army. So here we go joining the ranks of the Market Garden enthusiast, slipping into the roles of British, American, and German fieldmarshals and generals. Lets see how we can recreate or change history.


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