Looking for a manageable campaign game we came along this mini HASL published by MMP in Operations Special Issue #1. It looks interesting and has a fine map to play over, a single large play area of 31 hexes width (west – east) and 18 hexes depth (north – south). As the opposing forces are elements of two armored divisions the game offers a fair amount of AFV to work with on both sides.


The scenario situation took place on 6 December 1944 during the American advance towards the German frontier in the Lorrain campaign phase. The 4th Armored Division, vanguard of General Patton’s Third Army, faces off the 11th Panzer-Division. The Germans had gathered forces for a counter-attack in the area. Thus the defenders were well equipped and more numerous as would otherwhise be expected for a defensive mission. Also the village of Singling was a key position in the secondary system of the former Maginot Line and contained fortified houses that protected the roads. To make matters worse the terrain was found to be a muddy bog that would not easily support AFV.

Anyone interested in a detailed account of the historical fighting may like to read the following literature:

The Campaign starts with the first scenario ABRAMS’ CHARGE [SG1]


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