This is the second of the scenarios set at the Montecorvino Airfield on 9 September 1943 during the Salerno landings. The German Kampfgruppe Stempel from Panzergrenadier-Regiment 64 defends the airport against the renewed attack from 2nd/6th Queen’s Royal Regiment and the Royal Scots Greys.


This scenario implies that the British could not occupy the airport main building. The tanks from the Royal Scots Greys have finally arrived from the landing beach. Now the British make a second effort to take the airport of Montecorvino.


Turn 1: The British move forward under the cover of smoke and a hail of mashine gun fire. The right wing German position is overrun, but most Germans put up a ferocious defense. A StuG III appears out of nowhere killing a British Squad and a HS. The British are shocked when a sniper kills the 9-1 Armored Leader. Only on the right wing the attack is somewhat successful. The remaining Sherman drives the defenders away and gains a position overwatching the British objective. CVP: +5 [9-1 Amd Ldr, SQ, HS]


Turn 2 / 3:  The British execute their flanking attack and take the first two airport buildings. The main drawback is that only few infantry make it to the objective area. Most squads are seeking cover with their fighting morale broken. Meanwhile the Germans regroup their forces to meet this attack. To their dismay the StuG suffers a main armament malfunction, robbing them of their only anti-tank capability. CVP: +8 [7-0 Ldr, 1 SQ POW, 2 HS, StuG MA disabled] +10 [1 HS, 1 SQ POW, M4 recalled]


Turn 4 / 5:  The British reduce the FlaK position and take part of the airport building in close combat. The attack for the remaining part of the building falters in the German defensive fire. The attackers break and surrender. Thus the Germans maintain a foothold in the building and thereby prevent a British victory. CVP: +2 [1 SQ] +8 [POW: Ldr 8-1, 1 SQ]

CVP: 10 [7-0 Ldr, 3 SQ (1 POW), StuG MA disabled] 19 [9-1 Amd Ldr, 4 SQ (2 POW), M4 recalled]

This scenario is a quick one with only 5 turns and few forces. The impact of the armour is potentially quite significant as the Germans have no personal anti-tank weapons. On the other hand the constricted manouver area gives little choice for the British axis of attack. With a different selection of forces the scenario represents a variant of its predecessor.  I find it interesting for the historical situation as such, but liked the all infantry scenario OA19 better.

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