This is the first of the scenarios set at the Montecorvino Airfield on 9 September 1943 during the Salerno landings. The German Kampfgruppe Stempel from Panzergrenadier-Regiment 64 defends the airstrip against an attack from 2nd/6th Queen’s Royal Regiment.


Solo Setup: The Germans defend the complete width of their southern perimeter. The main focus is to deny the enemy a quick approach towards their objective across open ground. The British plan to blind and bypass the Germans in the lefthand woods and to attack in the centre in an attept to rush the airfield building.

Turn 1: The British initial attack shocks the defenders due to effective use of smoke from the mortars and telling fire from the MMG. While the Germans move to organise an effective defence, the Queens Infantry cover the first 200 yards with only few casualties and brake into the defensive line. Only just can the Germans repulse the majority of the attackers. Both sides regroup and prepare for the next British assault. CVP: +1 [1 HS] +3 [3 HS]


Turn 2: The British renew their attack and press forward towards the far end of the grain field. They are lucky that the German FlaK in their pass malfunctions. The British are now well established just south of the runway. The Germans pull back to their rear defensive positions. CVP: +1 [1 HS]


Turn 3: The British are only 100 yards from their objective. They try to clear the woods on their left in order to cover their flank for the last push towards the airport buildings. The Germans are struggling to hold their ground. CVP: +4 [2 HS, 1 FlaK] +2 [1 SQ]


Turn 4 / 5: As the British go for their objective heavy fighting errupts just in front of the airport buildings. The British finally drive the Germans out of the woods and prepare for the final assault. German resistance is faltering, some of the defenders surrender. The British take their objective. CVP: +9 [9-1 Ldr, 3 HS, 2 Crew, 1 FlaK] +4 [4 HS]


With the airport building taken the outcome is a clear British victory. Casualties on both sides are horrendous with more than 50% for the attackers and above 80% for the defenders.

CVP: 15 [9-1 Ldr, 7 HS, 2 Crew, 2 FlaK] 9 [7 HS, 1 SQ]

Did I like this scenario? Yes indeed. I consider it well balanced and quite fun to play. In retrospect I notice that I unknowingly used both balance modifications. For me this worked pretty well. I give it 8 out of 10.


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