Montecorvino Airfield 1943

OUT OF THE ATTIC Issue #2 contains three consecutive scenarios of the engagement at  Montcorvino Airfield south of Salerno in September 1943 during Operation AVALANCE. British and American troops had just landed at the Salerno beachhead. The British 169th (London) Brigade was to secure the Airfield some 2 miles from the beach.

If you want to find out more about the actual battle, I can recommend two books I found on the internet. The one that covers the British sector is Tug of War. The other one, Salerno,  covers the American sector.

All three scenarios take place  on 9 September 1943, the first day of the Salerno landings. The opposing forces comprise elements of the British 2nd/6th Queen’s Royal Regiment, 169th Brigade, 56 (London) Infantry Divisionsupported by tanks of Royal Scots Greys (scenario 2 & 3) confronting the 16th Panzer-Division, mainly Kampfgruppe Stempel with elements of the 64th Panzergrenadier-Regiment (scenario 1 & 2) and the Panzer-Pionier Bataillon 16 (scenario 3).

Due to the many aircraft wrecked in the attack, the SSR call for a random placement of wrecks on each open ground hex adjacent to the runway. I decided to play all three scenarios with the same placement of wrecks. I also will retain any spreading fires. In the picture below you can see the situation at the airfield as it is represented in ASL format. The British attack from south of the unpaved road. The Germans defend anywere north of the road. Two German 20mm FlaK must be placed in an open groud / wreck hex beside the airstrip. In all three scenarios victory is secured by controlling the two-hex building beside the airstrip.


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