X-Wing at FSE

This weekend saw my son’s and my first appearance at a X-Wing store championship. We had a couple of relaxed games and made places 8 and 9 in a field of 15 competitors. All got a prize, our’s were a few upgrade cards and a laser cut fibre fire range stick. Quite respectable for a first time.

OMEGA Squadron TIE / fo fighter swarm

“Omega Leader” (21) * Juke (2) * Comm Relay (3)

“Omega Ace” (20) * Wired (1)

Omega Squadron Pilot (17)

Omega Squadron Pilot (17)

Omega Squadron Pilot (17)

Total: 98

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Game 1


This skirmish between factions within the first order pitted my Omega Squadron against •Major Stridan in his Upsilon-class Shuttle supported by the TIE/sf fighter pilots •Quickdraw and •Backdraft. I went for the large shuttle and eventually killed it. The outcome though was never in dought as my squadron was unable to come to grips with the two TIE/sf fighters. A defeat for Omega with only 37 points of damage dealt.

Game 2

The next encouter was with •Han Solo in his YT-1300, a Y-Wing and a Z-95. I found it quite difficult to catch the YT-1300 as it was zooming around the combat area with the aid of an advanced SLAM modification. Nevertheless my squadron shot up the Y-Wing and more than half of the YT-1300 for the loss of two own fighters. This was a narrow points win with 70 points of damage dealt for 56 points incurred.

Game 3

Again an interfactional encounter with •Quickdraw and •Backdraft in  their dreaded TIE/sf fighters. You will recall that both survived their last duel with my squadron in game 1. Now they were escorting a TIE bomber. My swarm went for the bomber and dispached it quite quickly. In the ensuing dogfight with the TIE/sf fighters three of my pilots all ran into the same small asteroid.

This careless maneuvering cost the squadron invaluable opportunities for close range firing. In  the end the two TIE/sf fighters only had 4 hull points left between them but had killed my entire swarm. A clear if close defeat.

Game 4

In this game Omega Squadron encoutered •Miranda Doni in her K-Wing, •Corran Horn in his E-Wing, and Z-95. In this game the squadron did some excellent swarm maneuveres that brought the rebels to their knees. The Z-95 was a quick kill. Not so the other two ships that took quite a trashing but recovered their shields again and again. In an effort to extricate himself from the swarm’s attacks he went over the edge of the combat area and thus fled the field. After that the remaining TIE/fo fighters concentrated on the K-Wing and killed it. This was a clear victory for my Omega Squadron.

This are the after action reports of todays store championship games. We enjoied the game as much as the friendly atmosphere. All in all we had a jolly good time.

Be the force be with you!

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