The TIE space superiority fighter with its side wings is the iconic space fighter. The new TIE / first order model differs from older models in being more maneuverable and easier to fly. Also it is fitted with an #1 energy shield. With its potential it should prove quite deadly in the hands of an expert pilot.

Beautifully painted X-Wing star fighters I found in the internet inspired me to take to the brush. First I only wanted to do the ion engine exhaust and the cockpit. From there I gradually expanded and worked my way around the hull. Finally I decided to redo the entire model with the results you can see below.

I wanted to show the wear and tear of combat vessels that see extensive use in space. I might also want to add some combat scars later on. The improved solar collectors have once been of an off white color. Constant use and several reentries into planetary atmospheres have taken their toll. The fleet mechanics are proud to keep the spacecrafts flying, but only the most superior pilots will get the attention needed to have their craft kept in prime condition.

A TIE/fo flight with Leader and two wingmen

The ion engine exhausts

Gold squadron markings on the wings


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