Star Struck

I have successfully ignored Star Wars X-Wing™ for many years. Somehow with the new film Episode VII – The Force Awakens I got interested to give it a try. Most important was my discovery of a online source for solo game play:  X-Wing Miniatures AI. Also I wanted to have a good reason to put to good use my newly acquired mouse pad planet.

I got myself a core game and one extra fighter expasion pack each for the  First Order and the Rebellion. And off I went to play my first solo game. I chose to play the dark side, which in hindsight makes me wonder as to my mindset at the time. The Opposing forces were


“Zeta Leader” TIE/fo fighter (20)      
Cool Hand (1)
Weapons Guidance (2)

“Zeta Ace” TIE/fo fighter (18)
Wired (1)
Weapons Guidance (2)

Zeta Squadron Pilot TIE/fo fighter (16)

Total: 60


Ello Asty T-70 X-Wing (30)
Targeting Astromech (2)

“Blue Ace” T-70 X-Wing (27)
R5-X3 (1)
Integrated Astromech (0)

Total: 60

From what I have observed at games conventions I was biased X-Wing would be a tedious and uninteresting game. I wanted a fast paced game that would capture the tension and exitement of a dog fight in space. This actually worked quite well with the AI.

The Tabletop Layout

Trading shotsat close distance

Blue Ace gets shot up

Ello Asty’s fighter desintegrates

Eventually the Zeta Squadron got 2 kills for no own loss. It was a close call though with two of the TIE fighters having only one last hull factor left. I got my exiting game I had hoped for. X-Wing will certainly will see more action on my tabletop.


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