Commands and Colors: 1808 Rolica 1st French Position

Lately we had a go via VASSAL at the 1st scenario, Rolica 1808 (French 1st position). I took the British side, my brother the opposing French. Here is the documentation on how the battle evolved.


Turn 1 and 2 we see the deployment of forces, some preparatory gun fire, and the first British advance towards Rolica. The French reposition their brigades to cover the town.


Turn 3 and 4 see more repositioning on both sides. The scene culminates in a massive French bajonette  charge that sweeps away the Portuguese rifles and a British infantry brigade. This winns 2 banners for the French.


Turn 5 and 6 are all about the fighting that ensues after the French charge. Portuguese and Franch alike take some heavy casualties.


Trun 7 sees more fighting and mounting casualties in the wake of the French charge. The French and the British kill an enemy brigade each. Meanwhile the British do a Grand Manouvre to occupy Rolica and the hills flanking the town. This earns the British another victory banner.


Turn 9 and 10 see some deceisive occurrences on the British left flank. First Sir Arthur Wellesley becomes a casualty of the heavy fighting in the wood. Later a French cavary charge dispaches the Portuguese cavalry along with the Portuguese general Trant.

The final tally shows 6 banners for the French, 2 banners for the British, a clear French victory.

I quite like C&C Napoleonics as a kind of Beer & Prezels game. It is fairly simple, but also captures the feel of Napoleonic battles well in my oppinion. The limited options presented by the command cards and the high dependancy on the dice make for quite make for a gamble also. And most important: its much fun to play!





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