This computer game is a conflict simulation of the 1930th with tremendous depth. The entire world is covered from 1936 to 1950. The major powers are competing for world conquest of one of three antagonistic blocks, the Allies, the Axis, and the Comintern. Each Block has a specific list of victory conditions that need to be met.

All Forces are covered with some focus on land warfare. The armies are much more detailed than any other aspect of the game. Industrial power, technological advancement, diplomacy and espionage are handled in an abstract way. This does not mean you could ignore them as they have an important impact on the ressources available and on possible alliances. The grimm aspects of resistance and occupation also are covered.

hoi3_47   hoi3_30

One can imagine no one would like to play the Holocoust, the Gulag, or even the more common massacres that were committed in these decades. The 1930th were an age of inhumanviews towards other peoples with ideologies hostile to life on the surge. We can only thank god that we were spared the victory of National Socialism and the German “Endsieg”. With this in mind I focus on the strategic and historical aspects of the game. I will most probabely also read some history on this period.

hoi3_42   hoi3_41

On the first goes I went for Germany as recommended and found it quite easy conquering Western Europe on normal setting. Thus I tried several times over on difficult setting and found the enemy quite recourceful in finding my weak spots. Invading Poland is no challange really, but the western front shows little inclination for the “Drole de guerre”. Instead on one occasion I was confronted with a major Invasion of the lower Rhine plateau via Netherland. Another time I just barely held off an attack on Munich and Salzburg as Allied forces overran my Italian ally, rushed along the Po valley, and then threatened Southern Germany.

In the game I am running as I write this down, Poland surrenderes on 16 September 1939. The Sovjets will no doubt remind us of the Molotov-Rippentrop Pact and claim Eastern Poland. I will honor the non-aggression treaty off course to get a free hand in the West. Also I see Germany in need of the resources it gains by the trade agreements with the Sovjets. So for the time being all should remain calm in the East.


I will track the campaign on a seperate page here…


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