Grenadier 2016


This year November saw my first participating in the German ASL tournament. I met a lot of friendly gamers from all over Europe, got to play as much as 8 face to face games, and learned a few more tricks on how to use these complex rules in specific situations. All together I found it a stimulating experience that I definitely want to renew next year at Grenadier 2017. I can highly recommend this event. Thank you to Michael for his excellent organisation.

In preperation for the tournament I needed to build up some gaming experience. Therein I was supported from several game buddies that I have made aquaintance with on GameSquad. Cheers to Philippe, Jeff, Uffe, and Daniel!

As for my goals at the tournament I wanted to actually meet the people who play ASL face to face, and to win at least one tournament game. In both categories I judge myself successful.

So, how did it go? In the mini-tournament I had chosen to play PTO, a real favorite of mine. Playing the Americans in RPT79 BLOODED! I lost narrowly. I suppose I will have to play more aggressive defence with those GIs in future.

img_20161103_103447910 The next game was SP58 MARS’ LAST FIGHT noncompetitive. Here I defended with a well hidden Japanese defence in depth. This one I won. I think manely for the incredible staying power of an encircled Japanese squad in the foxhole (bottom left in the picture) and a lonely a/a gun that fired away at all the attacking US units until no targets were left to shoot at. This happened in turn 6, the US unable to regroup in time.

img_20161103_183035598In the main tournament round 1 saw me as Sovjet defender in TAP11 PESCARA ON THE BUG. This game is most notable for a crazy commissar who liquidated a total of 2 squads and was last seen defending the town with his a/t rifle in a last stand solo.

img_20161104_113610446Round 2 I playedthe Canadians in SP160 THE LOST BAND OF EDMONTONS. It was fun, probably even more so for John who succeded in a spirited defence of Hill 497 and in driving the Canadians off Hill 513. My tanks advanced to slowly to make much impact on the fighting in the town.

bild1Round 3 I played FT174 BREEN BERETS as British or rather Netherland commandos. THe game was quick paced and bloody. Most notable were two actions wheneach time a German squad went berserk and charged into well layed traps of the commandos. Nevertheless this game I lost too, but it was close and tremendous fun playing.

Round 4 sported DB130 TIGERS AND FLAMES, a large Eastern front scenario. I played the defending Germans and successfully defended the small village. The sothern rear guard actually proved a thorn in the Soviet left flank. Most notable was the lone StuG III in the rear guard that took out no less than 3 enemy tanks before it was killed. The Soviet northern wing was much better coordinated, but on its own this attack could not develope enough steam to seriously threaten the village.

bild4img_20161105_205337570_hdrFor Round 5 and thus the last game it was RPT84 KIWI AND THE CAT. Again I played the Comonwealth. Here most notable was the recall of a British tank after a sniper kill and the bogging down of another in a woods hex. Nontheless the game was close and decided on an ambush roll in the last CC phase. The Germans ambushed my attacking infantry and slipped away into a victory hex. This ruined my attack plan. It also was a great learning experience how to use the rules for effect.

img_20161106_121246216So this is in summary what my gaming experience was. I sure hope to see you next year at Grenadier 2017 in Hergarten near the Eifel National Park.




One thought on “Grenadier 2016

  1. Jeff B. says:

    Nice write-up, Elmo. Sounds like you got in some great games in a very bucolic-looking location.

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