Poland in Flames (or PiF) by Bounding Fire Productions has arrived in my arsenal with a full complement of Polish counters, 8 excellent mapboards, an excellent booklet, and much more. Some may think it unnessecary to have all those counters included, but for the ASL gamer who didn’t have the chance to obtain all those out of print core modules it is most delightful. I shall look foreward to more such products: please do the French next!

dasBlack  wz29_plot  Roundel_of_Poland_(until_1993).svg

What better than to plunge into the game by chousing a first scenario. I chose COSTLY BATISM because I can use one of the new geoboards and it lets me field armored cars that I have never seen before in an ASL scenario:

wz29 Ursus  kfz.13_3

the Polish Wz.29 “Ursus” and the German Sd.Kfz 13 “Maschinengewehr-Kraftwagen”

My set up is intended for a first solitaire play through. By Scenario Special Rules the Polish receive an HIP for a squad equivalent including any support weapons and / or leaders. As stated in rule 12.3. for Hidden Initial Placement [HIP] I converted the one squad HIP equivalent into two concealment counters.

Victory conditions require the German to control at least 3 of the total 10 building hexes on the board. The time span for this scenario is 5 turns with the Poles setting up first and the Germans moving first.

The Polish plan for defence:

For the Poles I chose a strong left wing and a refused right flank with all three armored cars placed in wood hexes in the second line as to make them less suspectible to anti-tank rifle [ATR] attacks.  The Poles are to delay the German’s attack and fall back towards the village denying them all but 2 village houses at the most.


The German attack plan:

The Germans will attack with their Sd.Kfz.13 on a broad front as to draw fire from the defenders. The Sd.Kfz. 13 appear to be quite fragile. I intend to use them as armor shields for infantry advancing in an armored assault. The left wing will constitute the main effort, the right wing will support the main attack.


After Action Report

Turn 1 & 2:

The Germans advance as planned, drawing fire and revealing the main defensive line. The Polish fall back and start to take out some half-squads. One of the SdKfz 13 is hit some half dozent times in hull and turret (or rather upper hull) resulting only in a temporary shock.

 CIMG6420 CIMG6421

  • casualty victory points [CVP]  Balkenkreuz.svg 0 : Roundel_of_Poland_(until_1993).svg +2 [2 HS]

Turn 3:

The Germans reorganise and renew their advance. Despite more losses to small arms fire and snipers the German attack makes progress. Both anti-tank rifles score knocking out one wz.29 armored-car each. The Polish fall back to their defencive positions in the village itself.

CIMG6425 CIMG6428

  • CVP  Balkenkreuz.svg +13 [1 HS, 9-1 AmdLdr, 2 wz.29] : Roundel_of_Poland_(until_1993).svg +2 [2 HS]

Turn 4

The Germans break into the defensive line, the Poles send the last remaining wz.29 a/c to the rescue. Some intense fighting takes place. The crew of a German scout-car is killed and the German 8-0 Leader wounded. Several Polish units abandon the upper part of the village for the woods behind the HMG position at the road junction.

CIMG6431 CIMG6434

  • CVP  Balkenkreuz.svg +0 : Roundel_of_Poland_(until_1993).svg +4 [1 SdKfz13]

Turn 5

The Germans advance into the village, occupy 4 houses, and consolidate their gains. SUpportet by HMG, small arms, and sniper fire the Poles go for a desperate counter attack to retake 2 of the the houses.  This is repulsed with high losses. The Germans have at last gained a foothold in the village thus winning the scenario.

CIMG6435 CIMG6437

  • CVP  Balkenkreuz.svg +2 [1 SQ] : Roundel_of_Poland_(until_1993).svg +1 [8-0 Ldr]
A German victory


Lessons Learned

  • If defender ⇒ skulk
  • ½” acquisition markers is gained for ACQUIRED TARGETS by guns ≥ 20mm, ¾” acquisition markers are used to indicate AREA AQUISITION
  • LATW (for this scenario that is the German 20mm ATR) do not gain aquisition no matter their caliber
  • The Polish a/c needs to deploy facing to the rear as to make use of their 2 FP rear MG, which can be quite effective against advancing infantry
  • small AVF can survive quite awhile in early war scenarios due to their -2 DRM when shot at with ordonance and the low TK# of low caliber guns

Media sources
Knocked out Ursus  
Urus color foto  
Sd.Kfz 13 
Sd.Kfz 13 film



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