Libya 1984 Mission #7

This will be the last mission in the medium length Libya 1984 air campaign. The target is going to be no. 20 “Radar Installation”, situated inland from the Bay of Sirte. The flight distance from the carrier fleet, campaign acheivements, and target improvements result in a reduced load for the aircraft on this mission [-2 weapon load penalty].

Pre-mission briefing:

To this mission I assign the following aircrews

  • VAQ-135 EA-6B Prowler MOON: 4 x AGM-88
  • VAW-123 E-2C Hawkeye: n/a
  • VFA-34 A-6 Intruder CAMEL: ECM-Pod, 3 x AGM-88, MK.20, Mk.83, MK.84
  • VFA-34 A-6 Intruder EXTRA: ECM-Pod, 3 x AGM-88, MK.20, Mk.83, MK.84
  • VFA-102 F-14 Tomcat OGRE: ECM-Pod, 2 x AIM-9, AIM-7, 2 x AIM-54
  • VFA-102 F-14 Tomcat FARMBOY: ECM-Pod, 2 x AIM-9, AIM-7, 2 x AIM-54

The weapon mix is designed to overpower any air or ground resistance and to finally destroy the radar site. The flight is to approach high level from the south and knock out any air threat and the radar assisted air defence sites. With this accomplished the flight will switch to low level and kill all remaining air defence before neutralising the target.

1395576577713427490 Target bound the flight gets involved with bandits, shaking them of in a brisk exchange of air to air missiles (+1 XP). Over the target area the flight encouters only minimal air cover and quickly takes out this threat. The enemy air defence is taken by total surprise and suffers heavy losses before even returning fire. The flight carries out the mission in a textbook style, inflicting 10 hits on  the radar site thus neutralising it.


Cvw-1 +2 Victory Points | +2 Reccon | +2 Intel  | +3 XP each

Goto the Libyan 1984 campaign site.


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