Libya 1984 Mission #1

A-6 Intruder VFA-34

For the first mission I choose Target no. 12 “Enemy Tanks”, a target situated far inside the Libyan desert near Murzuq. It is a dispersed vehicle target that needs 8 hits to destroy and gives one -1 victory points, if not completely taken out. The range calls for a -3 wight point and +3 stress value for each aircrew. First I spend 5 special option points for tanker priority. This will cancel the wight penalty and allow all the aircraft to carry full armament.

CIMG5345As any SAR will be very hazardous I want to make sure my crews get maximum protection on this mission. I can assign 5 aircrew to this mission and will opt for the crews with highest cool ratings. Also I will go for optimum cooperation of the air wings squadrons to maximize the success chance. For an additional 4 special option points the F-14 Tomcats will receive special weapons. The flight thus is composed of

  • VAQ-135 EA-6B Prowler MOON: 4 x AGM-88
  • VFA-34 A-6 Intruder CAMEL: ECM-Pod, 3 x Mk.82, 4 x AGM-65
  • VFA-34 A-6 Intruder BUG: ECM-Pod, 3 x Mk.82, 4 x AGM-65
  • VFA-102 F-14 Tomcat OGRE: ECM-Pod, 2 x AIM-9, AIM-7, AIM-54, GBU-12
  • VFA-102 F-14 Tomcat FARMBOY: ECM-Pod, 2 x AIM-9, AIM-7, AIM-54, GBU-12

blinder_11As the flight approaches the target site in high altitude from the North it is informed that a preliminary cruise missile strike has taken out the dreaded SA-11 anti-air missile unit that had been reconnoitered the day before. (Target-Bound Event) The flight finds the area defended by one SA-8A, one SA-10, two aa-guns, and some infantry. Also they encounter a fighter cover of 6 Libyan fighters (three MiG-23s, two MiG-21s, and one  Mirage III).

Libyan TanksThe F-14 Tomcats take out one MiG-23 each with their AIM-54 Phoenix missiles from stand-off attack range. Next turn the flight procedes to the pre-approach area. The EA-6B Prowler fires two anti-radar missiles at the SA-10 surface-air defence unit destroying it. OGRE uses his situational awareness point to gain a fast attack. He fires two AIM-9 Sidewinders at the Mirage III, both hit and the Bandit desintegrates mid-air. The A-6 Intruders fire 3 AGM-65 each at the enemy tanks acheiving 9 hits thus destroying the target. With the mission accomplished the flight breaks off contact and returns to USS America.


Cvw-1 +3 Victory Points | +1 Reccon | +2 Intel  | +2 XP each

The wing suffers political limitations during the next primary mission.

Goto the Libyan 1984 campaign site.


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