First strides on the long street – part 3

The 1861 campaign battles

#3 Crossing the Young’s Branch at the Battle of Bull Run

1235px-US_flag_34_stars.svg 3rd Brigade / 5th Division (attacker) CSA NFlag1861 2nd Brigade (defender)

BlankerUnion Colonel Blanker attempts to force a crossing of Young’s Branch at a ford near Stone House. The Confederates, waiting in partially entrenched positions, line the bank behind the river flanking the fords. The Federals attempt an  attack on the centre.

GC#3 River Crossing (2)

Confederate entrenchments.

GC#3 River Crossing (9)

Federal diversion attack.

GC#3 River Crossing (3)

The Rebels take the bait.

GC#3 River Crossing (1)

The main Union attack.

GC#3 River Crossing (5)

The lead regiment forces a crossing.

GC#3 River Crossing (8)

Federals secure the crossing.

Using the cover of the woods the Federals attack the Confederate centre. By pinning the Confederate regiments on the flanks they frustrate any attempty to reinforce the centre. The Union forces push over the ford in force and decimate the defenders, securing the river crossing.

Union_army_col_rank_insigniaUnion Col. Blanker gets high recognition for his leadership (5 EP). Despite of this he is refused promotion and also receives only minimal replacements. There may be some resentment at high command for him, this German professional who just recently immigrated to the States. The brigade now comprises of 2.160 men and 5 guns (36 bases):

2nd Division, 2nd Brigade
8th New York Infantry (seasoned recruits, 7 bases)
29th New York Infantry (seasoned recruits, 7 bases)
39th New York Infantry (eager recruits, 6 bases)
27th Pennsilvania Infantry (eager recruits, 7 bases)
US Cavalry Batallion, Companies A & B (eager recruits, 4 bases)
US Artillery Battery, coy A  (2x 6-pdr smouthbores, 1x 12-pdr howitzer)
Brookwood'S New York Battery (2x light rifles)

Confederate Col. Rodes earns only little recognition (2 EP) for his unsuccessful defence of the fords. His brigade gets some replacements including an artillery battery. The new establishment is 2.340 men and 5 guns (39 bases):

2nd Brigade
5th Alabama Infantry (seasoned veterans, 7 bases, hero)
6th Alabama Infantry (seasoned recruits, 8 bases)
6th Louisiana Infantry (eager recruits, 6 bases, hero)
8th Louisiana Infantry (seasoned veterans, 7 bases)
11th North Carolina Infantry (eager recruits, 6 bases)
1st coy Washington LA artillery (2x 6-pdr smouthbores, 1x 12-pdr howitzer)
2nd coy Washington LA artillery (2x Napoleons)

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