First strides on the long street – part 2

The 1861 campaign battles

#2 Outflanking engagement at the Battle of the First Manassas

CSA GeneralCSA NFlag1861 5th Brigade (attacker)  1235px-US_flag_34_stars.svg 2nd Brigade / 2nd Division (defender)

Cocke’s Confederate brigade attacks the far left flank of the Union army. His orders are to carry the Union flank and thus to force the Union Army of Northeastern Virginia to retreat from the battle and fall back on the Union capital of Washington.

GC#2  Outflanking (4)

The Confederate brigade advances.

Federal left flank brigade.

The Federal brigade moves out.

While the Federal brigade moves into a blocking position the Confederate attack is held up by difficult ground. And worse, the brigadiers staff is hit by enemy fire and looses an entire move.

GC#2  Outflanking (9)

The Confederate attack runs afoul.

GC#2  Outflanking (11)

The Confederates loose an entire move.

GC#2  Outflanking (15)b

The 19th Virginia attacks the Union centre.

While the attack of the Confederate right wing is fought to a stand still the main effort is made trough the woods. Shilded from artillery and volley fire the Confederate left wing makes good progress and repulses the opposing Union regiment.

GC#2  Outflanking (13)

The Confederate main attack.

GC#2  Outflanking (17)

The last Confederate attack.

600px-Battle_flag_of_the_US_Confederacy.svgDespite of being held up by bad going and a lucky rifle shot the Confederate brigade break through the Union centre  and capture the artillery battery. This pushes the Federals past their breaking point. In the face of stiff Union opposition the Confederates earn a hard fought victory.

Confederate_States_of_America_General-collar.svgConfederate Col. Cocke earns his promotion to Brigadier General and receives priority for supplies in recognition (6 EP) of his relentless attack on the Union forces. His brigade receives some recruits and a fresh cavalry regiment. The new establishment now comprises of 2.220 men and 3 guns (37 bases):

5th Brigade
8th Virginia Infantry (eager recruits, 6 bases)
18th Virginia Infantry (eager recruits, 8 bases, hero)
19th  Virginia Infantry (seasoned recruits, 5 bases)
28th Virginia Infantry (seasoned veterans, 7 bases)
2nd Virginia Cavalry, Companies B & D (eager recruits, 5 bases)
7th Virginia Cavalry (eager recruits, 3 bases)
Loudoun Battery Virginia Artillery (2x 6-pdr smouthbores, 1x 12-pdr howitzers)

800px-Union_army_brig_gen_rank_insigniaUnion Col. Burnside put up a stubborn defence of the army’s left wing. Relying heavily upon his brigade’s artillery and infantry fire he preserved the fighting powerof his command. This is seen as not so much inspiring but rather professional approach  to leadership (3 EP). For his competent leadership he is breveted Brigadier General.

His command gets minimal replacements and now can muster 2.160 men and 4 guns (36 bases):

2nd Division, 2nd Brigade
1st New Hampshire Infantry (seasoned recruits, 6 bases)
2nd New Hampshire Infantry (seasoned veterans, 6 bases)
71st New York Infantry (eager recruits, 4 bases)
1st Rhode Island Infantry (eager recruits, 7 bases, Old Reliables)
2nd Rhode Island Infantry (eager recruits, 7 bases)
US Cavalry Batallion, Companies E & F (eager recruits, 4 bases)
2nd Rhode Island Artillery Battery (2x light rifles)

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